Read what our clients are saying about our caregivers

• Mariam, it was no luck that I found Harmony Home Care for my Mother in law. My husband was so stressed about finding the right person to take care of his Mother who was diagnosed with the first staged of Alzheimer. After reading about Harmony Home Care, they were the only business out there who catered to the elderly with so many other additional services pertaining to Alzheimer’s diseases. They understood how difficult it is for early-onset Alzheimer’s and other Dementia patients. My mother in law was not the easiest person to deal with but Harmony Home Care took my mother in law in and made it look so easy. They work patiently each week to keep my mother – law comfortable. They worked with my budget and did not compromise the quality of service they provide to my mother – law. It gave my husband comfort to know that we have someone around to assist with her daily needs. I would highly recommend Harmony Home Care without hesitation.
Mrs. Stein, Wayne, PA

• Natia took care of my mother. On the day first she started cleaning the house, cooked her three meals a day and warmed up to everyone especially Mom. There was not a time I did not trust her with her care and her patient, caring touch.
When Natia needed off other girls were taking her place. It happened all girls working with us were from rep. of Georgia. They were the warmest and caring people due to their work ethic and upbringing.

Philip Marino

• Harmony home care sent Ana to take care of my mother.Ana is simply a superior operator. She is attentive to doctor’s orders , she is observant as to the mood of her charge she is prepared day and night to assist professionally with hygiene and bathroom activates. She does not intrude upon family pursuits –she is very clean in dress and person. Ana expresses herself with frankness but with respect.
Peter S. Cooke

• Rezo came and stayed with my friend who had a stroke. He was caring and diligent, gentle and kind. The first few weeks he had to walk behind my friend, holding him steady where ever he went! Rezo was wonderful. He kept Ev safe and respected his dignity. Some people might think it odd to have a male caregiver, but for my friend Everett it was perfect. I recommend Rezo to anyone who needs a live in caregiver, particularly for a male patient.
Jill K.

• Natia was a caregiver of my mother for two years. My mother suffered an Alzheimer’s diseases and we did not want to send her to nursing facility. With Natia’s help and experience we were able to have my mother in home to the rest of her life. She is very loving, cheerful caregiver and performs her job in professional manners.
Kathy Slagle

• Mariam cared for my neighbor, Gaye Slagle who had brain cancer. Gaye was very lucky to have Mariam as she was extremely professional yet showed total compassion for Mrs. Slagle. Mariam is very caring and friendly person .She was always performed her job with a smile and warm heart.
Jeanne A. Swanson, Jill Leaman

• Mrs. Mariam Bedoidze was my employ for eight years. She is loyal, trustworthy, dependable and very caring. She is a gem. I suspect she is a national treasure.
Wanda DeWolf